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Month: July 2020

Look for the best Camsite Fun and Delight

Often, lovers of virtual sex are teenagers or young people who have hormones, and the lack of experience or shyness in communication does not allow finding a partner. Such a craze passes over time when real partners appear. More difficult with older people, participants from this contingent are those who have problems in the family or are unsuccessful in marriage. Having fun in the virtual world, such participants evade solving the problem in real life, and this can lead to irreversible health consequences, both physical and mental. A visit to makes things perfect.

The Right Kind of Virtual Sex

This kind of sex cannot be treated badly or well, the main thing is not to replace real relationships with virtual ones. In favor of sex in a virtual reality, practices suggest the following arguments:

  • You cannot get HIV or another disease.
  • Sexual distinctions are removed.
  • Sexual tension is removed.
  • Develops sexual fantasy and imagination.
  • You can make love with several partners.
  • Helps to get rid of shyness, gives an important experience.

Types of Wirth

Modern technologies and the availability of the Internet have created different types of virtual and you can choose what you like more:

Chats and SMS

Partners describe their actions or love game. To maintain anonymity, experts advise creating separate accounts for such a pastime.

Virtual phone sex, IP-telephony

Communication takes place in the form of a conversation, suitable for partners with good diction.


This option is optimal for those who prefer action to conversation and are not shy about their bodies. You can set up two-way video communication.

Virtual Sex Rules

As in any business, there are their own virtual rules that guarantee the safety of participants:


  • Do not give a real name. Do not provide information that can be found in real life: address, phone, place of work.
  • When using video chat, remove personal items.
  • To make a reservation with the partner that in case of discomfort you have the right to interrupt the session without recriminations and insults.

Where can I have virtual sex?

Where to have virtual sex? This question often pops up on forums, everyone wants to find a good, experienced partner, without unpleasant consequences in the form of blackmail or claims. Those who meet non-trivially have the most chances to start with pleasant compliments. For this purpose, there are special dating sites where you can find a mate by setting search parameters. Those who are interested should be invited to chat online. Where to do a virtual home, you have to decide for yourself, the ideal option is a personal room. You can use the bathroom.

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